Express delivery

Express delivery


Our prices are equal to courier companies prices.

We will pick an optimal price based on the desired level of service and required delivery time. To calculate a shipment's price give us a call at +7 499 951-40-87 and tell us a desired destination, shipment's weight, and its dimensions.

How we work

1. You call us or fill an application at our website.

2. We pick an optimal price and delivery time.

3. You bring your parcel to our center, or we pick it up at your office.

4. We pack your parcel (FOR FREE!) and ship it.

5. A parcel is delivered on time!

International delivery

You can ship your parcel to any country in the world. Also we can arrange your parcel to be picked up at any country and shipped to Russia. We work with UPS and TNT Express in international deliveries.

Shipping parcels internationally is not straightforward due to customs clearance. We will save you time and will help you preparing papers for customs.

We have shortest delivery times. We can deliver letters to most European cities in 1 working day, to Cyprus, Kazakhstan, or the USA in 2-3 working days. The exact delivery time depends on a destination.

Packing is free!

Domestic delivery

Our main partners in domestic delivery are CourierServiceExpress and City Express. We deliver to Saint-Petersburg, Nizhniy Novgorod, Tver, Lipetsk and other cities that are close to Moscow in 1 working day, to most other big cities in Russia in 2 working days, to Vladivistok, Khabarovsk and other Far East cities in 2-3 working days. The exact delivery time depends on a destination.

Packing is free!

Working with companies

Advantages for companies working with us:

- you can save up to 70% of your postage expenses working with multiple courier companies through us;

- we pick up shipments at your office;

- we are attentive to even smaller clients' needs unlike big courier companies that prefer large clients;

- we track every shipment and sort out delivery problems; 

- etc.

Unusual, valuable, or dangerous goods

We can make shipments that are unusual or complex, such as jewelry, passports, bank plastic cards, or dangerous goods.

Our partnership with multiple courier companies helps in this. For instance, passports can be shipped with UPS only, but bank plastic cards with TNT Express only.

In addition, we can ship dangerous goods (chemicals, liquids, etc.) provided you have their MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet). For additional details please call us at +7 499 951-40-87.

Also, we can do a mass mailing or a direct mail.

Heavy or large shipments, freight shipping

We can help with shipping heavy or large items, such as suitcases, printed products, or car parts. You will not need to pay extra charges at an airport, and you will avoid inconviences of traveling with large or heavy items.



We will advise on what courier company suits best the desired destination, and how you can save.

Packing fragile itmes

We will professionally pack fragile items, such as glass, porcelain or china.

Tracking a shipment

We track every shipment and help solving problems.

Delivery times

Your shipment can be delivered very urgently, eg. by 11-12 AM of the next working day.

Papers for customs

You will need to prepare papers for customs clearance when you ship internationally even the tiniest parcel. We will help you with papers.


We can arrange an insurance of valuable shipments.

Unusual / not straightforward shipments

We can ship jewelry, passports, bank plastic cards, or dangerous goods. We can do mass mailing or direct mail.

Call us to find out more
+7 499 951-40-87

Other services

icon Professional packing Packing in cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, adding packing peanuts
icon Renting mailbox Real street address, express delivery is accepted, access from 9 AM to 8 PM on weekdays, notification when a new mail is in

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