Mail Boxes Etc. is the international network of business services centers. We offer express delivery, printing and copying, mailbox renting and other services.

- more than 1,500 centers in more than 30 countries worldwide;

- more than 80 centers in Russia.

Mail Boxes Etc. Tverskaya (OOO "MBE Paveletskaya", tax number 7705961528) is an independent franchisee in Russia. Center manager is Tatiana Kostrova, kostrova@dostavka-mbe.ru

Personal guarantee

'We are a reliable and a flexible partner. Our mission is to make our clients' business easier, relieve them from the excessive bureaucracy, let our clients shift part of their day to day problems to us, and support our clients in case of emergency. There is nothing more important to us than our clients' trust. Try us and I guarantee you will return to us'.

Tatiana Kostrova


You can purchase a franchise and open your own Mail Boxes Etc. business services center. See here the details.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Where can I check your prices?
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We do not have a uniform price list as we work with many courier companies. Call or write us, and we will calculate an optimal price for your specific shipment based on a shipment's weight, dimensions, and its destination.

Do you work with internet shops? Can a receiver pay for both the goods shipped and the delivery?
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We do not work with internet shops in such way, but we have plans to commence such service.

Do you ship medicines?
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Domestic (i.e. within Russia) medicine shipments are generally possible. We will need medicine's name to obtain a final approval from a courier company. It is possible that we will need additional documents such as drug insert, or 'сертификат соответствия' or 'декларация соответствия', which are speicific Russian language documents describing certain drug characteristics. International shipments of medicines are significantly more complex and are specific to each medicine and destination country. We ship neither domestically nor internationally narcotics or psychotropic substances. 

Do you ship larger or heavier items?
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Yes, we do. We ship such items, eg. suitcases or printed materials in large quantities.

Are you an intermediary? Perhaps, I should call directly a courier company?
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Yes, we are an aggregator express delivery. We ship at courier companies prices and receive comission from them. It might be cost efficient to work directly with a courier company if your monthly postage expenses are more than 200,000 RUB. If less, there will be no advantage pricewise, but our service is better. 

We have a lot of shipments, know all ins and outs, and  will help you to choose the most suitable courier company for you specific task. As opposed to big courier companies we will really understand your needs and offer best solution.

Also, we will help with customs papers if you ship internationally.

Finally, you will save a lot of time if call us. You will not need to spend 30 to 60 minutes surfing internet for the right courier company, then up to 30 minutes waiting on the line of a call center, then drive through traffic 1 to 2 hours to courier company's office as they are normally located in between Thrid Transport Ring and MKAD.

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